Spares for sale at Boness (mainly Class 26 / BRCW)

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Spares for sale at Boness (mainly Class 26 / BRCW)

Postby ss25235 » 18 Feb 2014 16:07

We have the following spare parts for sale at Boness;

- Spare Class 26 engine (no generator, turbocharger, heat exchanger or load regulator)
(Would also be willing to split the power unit and sell heads / pistons / liners / exhaust manifold etc individually)
- 6LDA Turbocharger (serviceable)
- 6LDA Heat Exchanger (serviceable except the O rings at one end need replaced)
- Radiator Elements (same as class 08 & 33)

Class 26 / 27 Bogie coil springs (all 4 types)
Class 26 / 27 brake gear
Class 26 brake cylinders
Class 26 traction motors
Class 26 suspension bearings

Class 26 compressor
Class 26 exhausters x 2
Class 08 3VC50 compressor (overhauled ex Railpart)

Various other minor Class 26 parts, many of which will fit other classes.

If you are interested in any of these parts please PM me or email stuartsellar AT
Stuart Sellar
SRPS Diesel Group
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