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Class 08 marker lights

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2018 21:46
by 50D
We've decided to try and fix some of the long-term minor faults with the Dartmoor Railway's Class 08 08937/D4167, and we've started with the marker lights (thinking that they would be straightforward … )

- Is anyone able to let us have an image of a wiring diagram for a 110 volt, dual braked class 08? (In fact, we'd be really grateful for any manuals or diagrams, electrical or mechanical, for it, as currently we have nothing).

- One of the marker lights has no innards, so at least we've got a pretty good idea why it doesn't work. What's absent is an 'L' shaped bracket with a bulb holder on the horizontal part, and a reflector at the top of the vertical part. We could probably make/bodge one, but it would be good to use the real thing if we can. Does anyone have one for disposal? Or at least the reflector?

- Does anyone know how to isolate the marker light circuit? Where is the fuse?

Many thanks

Jon Kelsey

Dartmoor Railway Supporters' Association