Lakeside & Haverthwaite Diesel Gala - 15th Nov

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Lakeside & Haverthwaite Diesel Gala - 15th Nov

Postby Peter749 » 20 Nov 2008 13:53

I enjoyed my visit to this line.
The information before the event was poor as they only released info a couple of days before so some people might have thought against going, but with two main line diesels in action and three shunters and a dmu it provided an interesting day.

I liked the gala because the staff were friendly. You could wander around the yard at Haverthwaite where the shunters, and later the 27, were parked for photos. Photography was easy at Lakeside as the locos ran round each trip - no top & tail.

Also there were none of the 'arm wavers' who seem to try to get in someones picture hoping they will see themselves in a mag. Most of the people there were enjoying the ride and thrash.

It would be better in Summer as the stock was not heated and getting colder towards the end of the day as the sun went in. Maybe next year they could have a gala in the Summer.

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