D8142: Whistling Wardrobe Festive Farewell

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D8142: Whistling Wardrobe Festive Farewell

Postby Rusty Spooon » 28 Nov 2008 23:50

20142 is off to pastures new, but at very short notice we will fire her up for one last trip on the Llangollen Railway on Sunday 7th December 2008

The "Whistling Wardrobe Festive Farewell" will depart Llangollen station at 12:30pm. Tickets for this last opportunity to sample Class 20 haulage on the Llangollen Railway for the foreseeable future are available for a £10 donation to the Group’s restoration fund for our other locos.

Interested parties should note that payment for the trip must be made on the train, as Llangollen station ticket office will be closed due to the current Santa Special trains. A commemorative ticket will be issued to all passengers (while stocks last) and complimentary mince pies will be available (again, while stocks last - depends on how many packets I can carry back from Sainsburies)

The Group look forward to welcoming those who wish to give D8142 a good send off to her new future and accumulate a few historic miles of North Wales Chopper haulage. :cry:

If you'd like any more info please drop me a PM or get in touch via our website.

Cheers V Much
Rusty Spooon
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