KWVR Beer festival 25/10/08

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KWVR Beer festival 25/10/08

Postby Ferret » 28 Oct 2008 01:29

I will try and be more respectful to the members of this forum than a group of 'cranks' (as they referred to themselves) were to fellow passengers last Saturday. A Class 20 was used in addition to the 'Kettles'. Is there a code of conduct that expects diesel enthusiasts to hang out of windows, waving their arms and screaming, together with shouting at steam engine divers to 'break down'? I wish I had recorded the conversation and put it on Youtube as it was unbelievable. 30 year olds acting like ten year olds as they worshipped the diesel and denegrated the steam engines with a passion which initially was irritating and then became disturbing. I previously had witnessed this behaviour on the NYMR and thought it was just louts trying to spoil photographs but I now see a pattern of behaviour which from the conversation is 'expected' of the fraternity. I am a railway enthusiast and have my preferences but a) I have manners, b) I do not voice my opinions and c) I realise that I am actually admiring a piece of machinery which I do not own, did not design and only ridden behind it or watched it - thats all it is. I have the patience of a Saint but this behaviour, especially at a beer festival, may not have been tolerated in the same way by others. Its a shame that this group represents the next generation of railway supporters.
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